Honda CBR 125 Motorcycle.





It’s impossible. You simply can’t look at the Honda CBR125R and not start imagining all the fun you could have. Inexpensive to own and easy to operate, the CBR125R was designed to give novice riders confidence while they learn, while also being fun and practical for more experienced riders. The lightweight chassis, low-effort controls, comfortable seat height that makes it easy for your feet to reach the ground at stoplights, and responsive, hard-to-stall engine with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, all help make the CBR125R the perfect choice for all types of riders, and all types of riding.

Convenient electric start gets you going with the push of a button, and disc brakes front and rear help provide strong stopping power while also being easy to modulate. Add a close-ratio six-speed transmission that’s super-smooth to shift and a fully featured instrument panel, and you’ve got a bike that’s a blast to ride, whether you’re heading downtown or way out of town with your riding friends.

  1. The 125 cc SOHC four-stroke engine delivers excellent low-end and midrange power that makes getting going from a stop super easy.
  2. Liquid-cooling ensures consistent performance in hot or cold weather, or city or highway riding, while also improving reliability.
  3. Honda’s advanced PGM-FI electronic fuel-injection system delivers the precise amount of fuel for optimum performance. You get easy starting, accurate throttle response, better overall performance, and improved engine operating efficiency.
  4. A balancer shaft inside the engine reduces vibration for a comfortable ride.
  5. The close-ratio six-speed transmission shifts smoothly and helps keep the engine in the meat of its powerband.
  6. The stainless-steel exhaust system incorporates an oxygen sensor and a tri-metal catalytic converter to keep performance high and help the CBR125R exceed the stringent Euro3 emissions standards.
  7. The clutch and throttle have a light operation that makes them easy to use.